Isaiah Crowell announcement

Posted on 2011. február 2., szerda by blogolok

Isaiah Crowell announces he will attend the University of Georgia (Georgia Bulldogs) and gets a little help from a bulldog friend:)

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Escondido Bomb House

Posted on 2010. december 9., csütörtök by blogolok

Time Bomb Kitchen Timer
ABC News reports:

"Jakubec's lawyer had asked a judge to stop the demolition of the house so the defendant could retrieve 'papers, journals and other items in the house that may help [him] prove his intent or his mental state.

A judge ruled that the destruction could move forward, however, after an FBI bomb technician testified that Jakubec's backyard was a 'minefield' and that a bomb tech walking in the yard had stepped on something that made a loud pop and burned the bottom of his shoe."